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Solaré - Activiteitenkalender


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Energetic work

Who is Marina and what she has to offer you?

When I was a child I was surching for the deeper cause of suffering in life, I allways want to bring harmony when there was unbalance and try to discover why we suffer in life,I study the Universal and spiritual laws and this gave me another point of vue of what life is about.

Along the way great pioneers came into my life.and I was inspired by them and the books about Sai Baba the Bagavad Gita and the laws off Karma and the Masters of Spiritual Laws of the universe and nature. I spent 20 years of this life to put this laws into practice and still do.

We have to refine our energy and raise it to a higher level every time more subtle .....Follow your inner guidance,and intuition have faith and determination.

Becoming aware of previus lives in India in another incarnations. I had the same experience when I was with a group in Egypt, and also Glastonbury U.K and Avalon felt very familiar.


My life has being one big adventure, and all my experience opens many doors and still do I follow many course but the best teacher is life itself.

My work go's very deep, because love is truth and if you really want to be free you have to find out who you really are!  We have to come to an universal understanding that all religion are one that will lead to more understanding that we are all one family, and that there is only one language the one from the heart!

Even if we become more and more aware that we are not the body but so much more,still a visual image of a holy being or Avatar is very powerfull. Because we need a form to come to the formless If we are able to experiance the Divine formless awareness then we can come to a more Universal understanding and oneness. And we will have much more tolerance and respect towards other people convictions and believe systhems. 

During the years I did several studies like:

  • Life coaching. Consults
  • Intuitive development and massage.
  • Integrated energy therapy - advanced level.
  • Human universal energy therapy-  master level four.
  • Energetisch  work Working with the Cosmic&Flowers and Light-wesen essences.
  • Practice the natural activation of the Kundalini energy Sahaya –Yoga from Sri Mataji
  • Course of higher learning true to the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
  • Cutting the ties from Ph K
  • The 9 initiations from the Munay-Ki to become an Earth keeper given to us by the Laica the wise man and women from the Andes.

It is possible to come to Belgium for this initiations ask information on this mobile number 0468.14.15.17.


Energetic Healing and intuitive massage with chakra oils or oil from nature (themassage is only for woman) healings are for man and woman


When you visit the sea side in Wenduine Belgium and you want to give yourself a special gift ask for solaré's special healing relaxing massage call this are intuitive healing massage(not sensual) call me when you are in Belgium you find my number on this website.This is an uniek concept at solaré !

In a very silent place filled with good vibrations you will feel totaly relax and with special music in the background your energy level will rise.Special oils of mother nature will heal very profound and will give you new insights.But it is possible to to combine massage and healing together with a small consult.Our just a massage is also possible.

The 9 rites off the Munay-Ki to become an earth keeper given to us by the Laica the ancient from the Andes. 

The Laica call this time the harvest of souls,we have now the chance to become who we suppose to be.This initiations clean the energy systhem and chakra from Psychic dirt and true this process you go much faster true past life karma.this seeds that will be planted in your energyfeeld and the will grow by feeding them with the element fire this you will learn during the initiations .

You will open your secret space and become an earth keeper after the process is finish.You can get this 9 innitiatons at Solaré in Belgium in the English language please call for more information or send an e-mail.

Solaré - Activiteitenkalender


Click here to see what activities we have planned.