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Solaré - Activiteitenkalender


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  • Consult with the Cosmic&flowers Essences and Bach and Angel cards.
  • Workshops to develop spiritual growth and life wisdom and self knowledge .
  • Lectures
  • Spiritual  healing journey's  like Egypt and .......
  • I.E.T Healing Integrated energy Therapy  advanced level.
  • Initiations in the 9 rites off the Munay-Ki to awaken your sjamanistic nature and become an earth keeper.

Thoughts, Love, Energy, Spirituality: all is connected. We are more than the sum of what we see and feel. There is still so much more to be discovered on the journey towards ourselves.

For example, the chakra-system. The chakras of the age of Aquarius are psychic energy centers (‘wheels’) that are connected with the organs and certain areas in the physical body and beyond. Disproportion's therein can lead to to disease. More details: see the calendar-pages.

Life Coach - Personal support and IET integratid energy therapy .

Coaching in order to create self-understanding. IET a good tool to loose convictions as guild,shame,powerlessness forgiveness and find more information on the page energetic work on this site... 

Important tools here are Cosmic Flower Energies.

My Philosophy

Earth is a living entity: humanity and nature should be connected closely. Human health is an illusion if Earth itself is sick. We can for shure make a difference if we learn to understand and practice the laws of nature. Everything on this wonderful planet (humans, animals, plants, water, nature, even the esoteric) is connected and through this connection we can achieve more than we expect.

Being born as a human being is a gift. Let’s cherish this gift: think good, act good, eat good and healthy. Respect other people in a loving way, despite his or her appearance. To badger an individual only takes a few seconds, but to bring out the best in someone takes a lot more.

We are diamonds but we have dust and dirt sticking on us from all our previous life's in duality and the lower dimensions,and we have to remove this from our self so our true Divine nature comes back to the surface and can become one with the source.

It is our birthright to live a life off good health,bliss and happiness, discover who you are and you will see that all the answers are already there good luck.

If I can share in this effort with the talents I got I am a very happy soul.

Equivalents attract: that’s a natural law. I hope to reach as many compeers as possible, and foremost I want to bring insights to people who are still searching...

Humanity has to face the challenges of this time and needs to act accordingly. Doesn't nature deserve out most respect?.

Listen to what your own heart has to say. You will see we’re not that different in how we feel. We all long for the same, and that is to return to our true nature.

24 things to remember and one thing to never forget:

  • Your presence is a present to this world
  • You are unique and one of a kind
  • Your life can be what you want it too be
  • Take the day's just one at a time
  • Count your blessings not your troubles
  • You'll make it through whatever comes along
  • Within you are so many answers
  • Understand ,have courage,be strong
  • Dont put limits on yourself
  • So many dreams are waiting to be realised
  • Decisions are to important to leave to chance
  • Reach for your peak,your goal, your prize  ""Selfrealisation""
  • Nothing wastes more energy than worrying
  • The longer one carries a problem,the heavier it gets
  • Don't take things to seriously
  • Live a life of serenety,not a life of regrets
  • Remember that a little love goes a long way
  • Remember that a lot .......goes forever
  • Remember that friendschip is a wise investment
  • Life treasures are people..... together
  • Realise that it's never too late
  • Do ordinairy things in an extraordinairy way
  • Have faith, and hope, and happiness
  • Take the time to wish upon a star.....

And don't ever forgeget....

For even one day    How very special you are !

Solaré - Activiteitenkalender


Click here to see what activities we have planned.