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Marina De Koning

I was a highly sensitive child. I could sense tension in a room and feel when the energy wasn't right. Yes, I felt a lot and saw a lot as a child, but often ignored these feelings. Yet, through a few serious life lessons, I discovered that I was often right! I followed Intuitive Development, learned to feel and ground the aura, learned to work with energy, and was initiated by a Vietnamese master in this.

I also discovered the healing power in my hands. I followed various training courses and discovered that many things were already within me. There were many challenges, as being a pioneer is not always easy and often a lonely path! But through deep self-exploration in my quest for true love and universal wisdom, I made many discoveries that led to profound transformation.

And in connection with my higher self, I now share these experiences through my work with Solaré to bring insights and the possibility of transformation. I've learned that maintaining balance in all areas of our lives is crucial! Be your own unique self.

What's beautiful is that through my trust in the more subtle dimensions, I've had many extraordinary encounters with avatars, wise spiritual teachers. Many times, I received confirmation of things I was dealing with or had discovered at that moment. I'm very grateful for these experiences and the beautiful gifts I received. They eased the often lonely path of my depth-seeking journey.

Just as a snake sheds its skin, so can we shed false identifications and dogmas that obscure our true sight of the eternal truth that we too are divine embodiment. Let us once again respect the higher laws of nature and timeless wisdom to ensure the safety of future generations. Years of experience

I have experience in:

  • Giving lectures and workshops on various themes
  • Yearlong course "The Rainbow Path to your Heart" from 2010 to 2021
  • Organizing spiritual journeys
  • Healing massages
  • Spiritual energetic evenings in groups: a journey through your energy field
  • Munay Ki: the 9 Initiations in a group
  • Guided meditations in a group
  • Organizing Mantra evenings and singing Bhajans in a group (for over 24 years)
  • Providing spiritual and holistic advice combined with supporting remedies
  • Healing and clearing energetic blockages
  • Providing advice on nutrition, health, and dietary supplements

Feel free to contact me Anyone who wants to live better, have more energy, and discover themselves is warmly welcome at Solaré. Don't hesitate to contact us today for more information.

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