Solaré - activiteitenkalender

The first 4 initiations (max 6 participants). You can make a reservation by phone.
When you come the first time please bring 2 stone or christal and (small) branch where there is still green leaves on
To become an earth keeper and be the person you realy suppose to be!
This initiations given to us by the old wise man and women it is time to wake up! it is time to reap the harvest off souls like the Laika,the Hopi and the Mayan say.
Will be given in English and Dutch max 4 people

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Consults and healing at Solaré in Wenduine Belgium English language possible

Also when you live in Wenduine and speak English it is possible to come for initiations,consults or healing or if you need some special gift please make contact on 0468.14.15.17

My special gift that i can offer you possebilities and tools to bring harmony and balance in and around you with family,partner etc...


Spiritual Exhibitions 

Spiritual Expo Exhibitions of Para-Astro where Solaré is present.

Bloom spiritual events Belgium
New date following for 2019

Real change has to come from inside

We all want that things change in the world ,inside and around us!
To keep the inner peace when there is chaos out there that is not easy!
What is the root cause of all these restlessness inside?