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Massage and Divine Healing at Wenduine Belgium at Solare
Intuitive Divine healing Massage with oil from the mother nature and chakra oils.
The massage is only for woman the Healing are for both
There are 2 option Masage and mini consult 1u30 cost 65 euro
Massage only 1u cost 50 euro
to bring with you
To bring 1 big tawl 
You will totally relax in the healing atmosphere from my place at the seaside in Wenduine Belgium.
Appointment by iPhone is requested 0032 (0) 468.14.15.17 thank you for visiting Solarë 
A request before entering the Healing room and to have  taken a shower before coming for a massage thank jou for your respect.
It is not allowd to bring a cell phone in the Healing room

Spiritual Exhibitions

Spiritual lifestyle events fromBloom where Solaré is present.

Bloom spiritual events Belgium
All new dates you find on the page exebitions on this website these  events are all in Belgium

Real change has to come from inside

We all want that things change in the world ,inside and around us!
To keep the inner peace when there is chaos out there that is not easy!
What is the root cause of all these restlessness inside?

Consults and healing and energetic happenings and lectures at Solaré in Wenduine Belgium English language possible

Also when you live in Wenduine and speak English it is possible to come for initiations, consults or healing or if you need some special gift please make contact on 0468.14.15.17.

My special gift that I can offer you possebilities and tools to bring harmony and balance in and around you with family, partner etc...