Cosmic Flower Energies

Solaré - Cosmic Flower Essences

Represent energetic vibrations of specially prepared flowers, gems, crystals, etheric light frequencies or combinations of the elements mentioned above. Those energies can support mankind, since there is so much inner (and therefore inevitably outer) chaos these days.

Cosmic & Flower Energies can also be an important asset during the transformation towards spiritual consciousness and the search for the divine core we all carry inside.

All psychic en physical dis-eases basically can be seen as disruptions of the energetic body.

This point of vue is recognized worldwide in the different medical disciplines.

The personality of the human being is being determined by thought, actions and customs who are based upon emotions and feelings such as fear, inner unrest, uncertainty and loneliness.

These are all symptoms of a past era: pisces. We are entering the age of aquarius with its unknown new opportunities and chances. 

The little bottles Cosmic Flower Energies each are gifts to humanity to leave behind blockades and old mentalities.

They are absolutely safe and don't interfere with nor disturb alternative or classic healing methods.

The energies can also be used without any problem during pregnancy and lactation.