Dish of the month


The body will shine if the food is fine....

Why this vegetarian food dish at Solaré's website ? because a healthy mind and spirit needs also healthy body and food full of natural vitamins and minerals.

You can find  all kind of sprouds and eatable flowers and more all unmanipulated at Flora Farm Damme Belgium

Vegetarian food raise your energy vibration

And Bio vegtable and sprouds contain full live energy from mothe earth


Sweet long veggy meat filled paprika's a la Solaré


For 2 person

2 long sweet paprika's

1 red onion bio

2 pieces of Garlic Bio (or Asafoutida a replacement for garlic

8 or 9 piece Chitake musschrooms

1 piece Chicory( full ground ones)

Veggy shopt pieces( replacement for meat)

and fresh basillicum and soja cream

Black pepper 1 small branch of fresh tym,curcuma,seasalt or herbal salt a little Italian gran Pedano cheese

For decoration you need sun dried tomato,2 leaves of Chichory and fresh Basillicum leaves and a fue fresh baked Chitake musshrooms

Preparation: Take a oven plate and put there some Olive oil on and some Provencial herbs,black pepper and sea salt

Now wash the paprika's and cut from top to bottom in the lenght but make shure you can fill it up,remove the seads

But leave that green top on it is decorative,rol them in that oil and place them in the pre warmt oven for 15 min on 200 degrees..

see that the not become to soft...

In the mean time take a pan and put some ghee or Olive oil or Karnd butter in,

Bake your,red onion ,garlic,shopt veggy meat pieces and Shitake muchrooms in all together.

Then you put jour herbals inside and when ready put some Soja cream inside and some fresh basillicum in at the last.

Now you take your sweet paprika's out of the oven and fill them up with this nice veggy filling ready in no time the whole ready in dish max 30 min

Put on top a little Gran Pedano Italian cheese..... subliem taste

You can serve with a potato in the peal.

Enjoy !!

Extra information

The sweet paprika's are a bomb of vit C the contain 4 times more vit C then Oranges

High protection for your immunity systhem because of vit C and Licopeen

Contains Caroteen too

Basillicum also called Kings herbal

Contains vit A,C,K, calcium and magnesium,mangaan and iron,B6, and B12 ( vegetarians need this vit B12 extra)

Contains also essenciale oils like Eugenol,Citronel and Linalool this is good for the heart,protects our cells .

Anti- bacterial,and anti- microbe and anti-infection

Contain caroteen

Muchrooms in general remove junk out of the body

And veggy meat contains a lot of fibers 



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