Dish of the month

Rize dish with Japanees Mizouna sprouts and Chitake or Chesnut Mussrooms with Soja coconut creme

Very tasty and veggy

Mizouna is Japanees and has a bit mustard pepper taste as a sprout very tasty


The body will shine if the food is fine....

Why this food dish at Solaré's website ? because a healthy mind and spirit needs also healthy body and food full of natural vitamins and minerals.

Mizouna  sprouts contains if the seed is unmanipulated a lot of vit,minerals,and fibers

Contains a lot of Vit C ,k;calcium,mangaan,iron,kalium and vit B11 all important for keeping a healthy body

You can find  all kind of sprouds and eatable flowers and more all unmanipulated at Flora Farm Damme Belgium



Boil some full rice or Basmati but see that it dont stick

Bake the Chitake or other musschrooms at your choice with good Bio butter

Put 1 piece of garlic( or Ayuervedic Assafoutida as a replacement for garlic) and put herbal salt and black pepper 

when all of this is ready you put some  Bio soya coconut creme



Use also as decoration a half avocado with fresh red onion and  some mostard vinagrette 






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