Energetic work


S: Together

O: Unconditional

L: Love

A: Acceptance

R: Realisation

E: Unity


We have to refine our energy and raise it to a higher level every time more subtle ....time to awaken  from homo Sapien to Homo luminus 

Follow your inner guidance,and intuition and have faith and determination.

Discover your true self that is Divine you are Divine 

Eat healthy natural biological unmanipulated vegetarian food

Become a master of your toughts or the are mastering you and you are lost forever!!

    from Sri Madusudan Sai


During the years i did study's like:(but the best school in the university of life itself)

  • Life coaching.Consults Mediamic high emotional and psychic awareness
  • Working with essence 
  • Intuitive development and massage.and basic Shiatsu massage
  • Integrated energy therapy - advanced level.
  • Human universal energy therapy-  master level 4.
  • Energetic treatment and sound therapy with tuning forks
  • Practice the natural activation of the Kundalini energy Sahaya –Yoga from Sri Mataji
  • Course of higher learning  and human values from the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
  • Cutting the ties from Ph Crystal
  • The 9 initiations from the Munay-Ki to become an Earth keeper.
  • Food supplements and vitamines at the H&B academy from U.K.


 Energetic work consult and healing massage and Angel therapy at Solaré

All treathment and advice at Solaré is to bring you in a higher state of awareness and well being

Sound therapy with tuning forks for harmony and balance in your energy systhem
Make time for selfcare and to come in contact with your higher self and find balance in your life
Make your reservation on 0468.14.15.17 if you live in Belgium 
for chakra balance
For total harmony
for coming closer to your inner Divine self
Special arrangements  or combinations are possible ask me. please...
You receive advice that helps you further on your path
You will totally relax in the healing atmosphere from my place at the seaside in Wenduine Belgium.
Appointment by iPhone is requested 0032 (0) 468.14.15.17 thank you for visiting Solaré 
Massages at Solaré
The massage at solaré has a deep healing effect and is a uniek individual experiance if you want to have erotic experiance you are not on the right place and adress.. .

To bring with you a big beach towel and take a shower before you come thank you l 

Intuitive healing massage with oil from mother nature and chakra oils

 I met some special people in my life who guide me on all levels so take a look i want to share it with you just click on the link below and you will see.....


  Take a look at our special moments here


 Solaré's art  a painting and  uniek gift are for sale at Solaré's at Wenduine more .... is coming


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