Energetic work


S: Together

O: Unconditional

L: Love

A: Acceptance

R: Realisation

E: Unity

The short story behind my Logo of Solaré

It all started with an intuitive painting of my own designd logo and the name of my inner child Solaré that came during meditation.

Later from my inside came the meaning from every letter of the name Solaré as you can read above......

My previus webmaster Jan Van Roy made a computer version of it but now the inner child Solaré is become more mature and transformed.

So it was time to refresh my logo so i was one day on the phone with Maria Bednarek but did not know at that time that she was a Graphic Designer and she say Marina, 

send me the logo tell me how you see it and i will do it.

Waw this was a real blessing so now you see the result of it on this website and i like it very much it mean so much to me only God know's!

Everything on this website is my own experiance and transformation process to mastering my life and share it now in my work with Solaré

I have being born highly sensitive and develop a strong intuition and a high psychic and emotional intelligence and healing gifts that i develop in previus lifes.

About the symbols in the logo:

The eye of Horus is used a lot on the tombs of the great Pharao to protect them on there yourney to eternal life and has so meny meanings,but it is also when you see the things as the are with a clear view

And not as you think the are to look true the illusion,and like an eagle soar high above it to see what is temporary and what everlasting ..

And the two legt key of life a strong energetic healing symbol in Egypt as well as Atlantis;and around all this the flower of life a piece of art a secret geometry to connect in unity a symbol that is found all over the world..

Everyone can discover the deeper truth of life .....

Along the way great pioneers came into my life.and I was inspired by them like Sri Sathya Sai Baba the studies of the Ascendend Masters and the Spiritual Laws of the universe.

I met Sathya Sai Baba  in 2004 in Puttaparthi and from then untill  now he is guiding me in a subtle way to the path of selfrealisation but from my soul he knows me already meny meny life's and i met ik back in the subtle in Holland april 2016 when Sri Madusudan visit the Sai Anandam centre.

We have to refine our energy and raise it to a higher level every time more subtle .....Follow your inner guidance,and intuition and have faith and determination.

Becoming aware of previus lives in India and in other incarnations

I had the same experience when I was with a group in Egypt, and also Glastonbury U.K and Avalon felt very familiar like i live there before..


During the years i did study's like:(but the best school in the university of life itself)

  • Life coaching.Consults Mediamic high emotional and psychic awareness
  • Working with essence 
  • Intuitive development and massage.
  • Integrated energy therapy - advanced level.
  • Human universal energy therapy-  master level 4.
  • Energetic treatment and sound therapy with tuning forks
  • Practice the natural activation of the Kundalini energy Sahaya –Yoga from Sri Mataji
  • Course of higher learning  the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. in  Antwerp
  • Cutting the ties from Ph Crystal
  • The 9 initiations from the Munay-Ki to become an Earth keeper.
  • Food supplements and vitamines at the H&B academy from U.K.


As you know  the activation of our higher DNA it is in the awakening proces that is going on worldwide ! It is very important to balance the male and female energy to be able to activate your Merkaba our light vehicle.

Also there are 3 important colors are now active Magenta,Violet,and Gold and also 3 important chakra are being activate we have to balance and clear out the lower and dark energy in the lower energy systhem.

During the opening from the very powerfull 8.8  Lion gate we have the chance to do this and to heal all that is standing in our way to embrace who we truly are powerfull and divine I AM presence living in 5 the dimensional reality..

During my group travel to Egypt in 2013 there were some deep activations,that i become now more and more aware  i always found keys there in Egypt in the Great sand sea i found a key  in the Oasis of Siwa in that old ruine i found a key on the ground now i start to become aware why!

All of the pieces start falling into place..Take time now to be whith yourself and use this uniek oppertunity to let the activation take place and clean out what is keeping you in the dark.And if i can be of any assistance to support please feel free to contact me.And let us be free of judgement in this whole process and look true the eyes of unconditional love and compassion.




Energetic work consult and healing massage and Angel therapy at Solaré

Sound therapy with tuning forks for harmony and balance in your energysysthem
Make time for selfcare and come in contact with your higher self and find balance in your life
Prize is 65 euro and 75 euro longer treathment
Make your reservation on 0468.14.15.17 if you live in Belgium 
for chakra balance
For total harmony
for coming closer to your inner Divine self
Special arrangements  or combinations are possible ask me. please...
You receive advice that helps you further on your path
You will totally relax in the healing atmosphere from my place at the seaside in Wenduine Belgium.
Appointment by iPhone is requested 0032 (0) 468.14.15.17 thank you for visiting Solaré 
The massage at solaré has a deep healing effect and is a uniek individual experiance if you want to have erotic experiance you are not on the right place and adress..

Prizes are:

1 hour 30 massage in combination with short consult  65 euro during this short consult you discover new things and choose your uniek oil and you receive some insights that help you further on your path.

1 hour massage  50 euro i choose true my intuition the oils for you the will have a deep healing effect on your whole being also energeticaly. And if your muscles or neck or shoulders need some relief i use special oils for that area.

Energetic treatment 45 euro per hour welcome in a space of total relaxation at Solaré the Wenduine near the sea,so after the massage take a nice walk with your feet in the water and let this clean your energy field..

To bring with you a big beach towel 

Intuitive healing massage with oil from the mother nature and chakra oils
A request before entering the healing room that you have taken a shower before coming for a massage thank jou for your respect.





I met some special people in my life so take a look i want to share it with you just click on the link below and you will see.....


  Take a look at our special moments here


 Solaré's art for sale a painting  an uniek gift to buy after appoitment 0468.14.15.17 also Solaré's uniek Elf bags and other special gifts


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