How to raise our energy vibration and the one from the earth. How we do this?

Marina De Koning this was published in june 2016 in the magazine Spiegelbeeld It is not allowed to copy any part or the whole text without mentioning the autors name copywright all rights reserved Marina De Koning Solaré

The earth is transforming to a higher dimension and we as human  can help her with it  if you want to know how keep reading.... What is the deeper meaning behind all this? And why is selfinvestigation and self knowledge so important to discover the deeper truth behind all of this to come to lasting results.


Liberation dont fall out of the sky!

How would we appriciate its value if it would be given just like that!

How we can contribute in our day to day life to reduce the chaos,and how we can raise our energy vibration and lower our negative ones?


This blog is about how we as human beings can improve and heal the relationship with ourself and our surroundings.In that way that what has being created by both is coming back in to balance.And because of this restored energy frequency it contribute also to the collective.There is a way of speaking that say's “Change the world by changing yourself”Because of the huge light infusions that is being send to the earth and humanity,our energy level is rising.With as a consequence that wathever you think will manifest more quickly as before,we become more sensitive for pollution,hard noise,polluted and poisened food and all that is not natural... All degeneration of life comes from negative thinking and food that has no energetic value anymore.Never before there are so much Burn-out and the anti deppresiva are selling like candy.Are you standing still about this facts?Where is the quality of life?Where is the love for ourselfs and for mother nature who is also a living energy?What's wrong with the energy qualityWhere you find still a place without electro smog where we can use our own human antenne without disturbence.

Listen to signal's

If you are very sensitive,then it seems that you are the abnormal one  on this planet,while this is just what we need right now to dare to feel again Not listening to the signals of the body and ignore them constantly,so you are going further and further away of your true nature.Also the lack of respect for the earth comes from the unbalance of the animo and anima.Because the more love and respect for yourself the more you will respect the earth

Acting more conscious


We are confronted with the concequence of our own actions of unawareness and being put with our nose on the facts! It is high time we stand still what lies under the surface to be able to act with more awareness,to come to lasting results and balance.We are being offered unique chances to awaken and fully understand our true nature.And how we can create a world together where it is good to live from a higher vision and consciousness.

Transformation is the message here!

There is chaos everywere and there are many conflicts,and we may become aware that we all have a huge responsibility with the energy we are sending out.That is why it is so important to transform the lower energies in our self,because you know when you are angry you make the same energy stronger in the other person too.This is something to think about? One of the deeper causes is the unbalance between male and female energy in male aswell as in female.If we want to bring some changes in that both parties have to look there part in it! In other words self investigation is here important,but also to understand and put into practice the universal and spiritual laws.For instence the law of vibration is the universal law that we have to put into practise.And understand,so we want get tangled up anymore over and over again into the same situations that lead to frustration and repetition of the same conflicts.



The law of vibration

 If we want to evolve to a higher state of being and awareness,then it is very important like this law of vibration recommended,to transform lower energies.Because emotions and thoughts have an influence on or relations and envirement.That is why it is so important to understand this law and put it into practise, because it has a positive effect on your relationship with your partner and envirement and the earth.As we are able to raise her energy too because we are one with the earth and with all.

Embrace a higher consciousness


Because like all Master say and master El Morya said “if people embrace a higher consciousness then there Aura's accelarate to a frequency that comes closer to the speed of the light.”

Then you can have as a reaction that this bumps with your envirement,and two things can happen or the other person comes in to that same light or he or she trying to dash yours.This can go from giving you a guilt feeling,or other manipulative behavior that comes out of fear.

Restore unbalance

When every individual do this with themselves,then we create at the same time more balance in our enviremont and in the world.

Because let us be honest the chaos and fear that are now ruling over this earth,this lower energy the are feeding the lower energies in and around us.And this is not what we want do we?

And if we want to grow in or being,it is from great importance to restore both energies,to help create a better life surrounding and world.We all get confronted now with the consequence of this unbalance.

The deeper meaning of our life

That is why we meet a lot of people we know already from other incarnations where we had this unbalance with.We meet this people know again to restore the balance, and to learn our lessons .

And to detach energetic and emotional from all this experiences by practise and develop forgiveness and compassion.

Because in our cel memory all of this experiences,pains and fears are stored there,and we bring them back in this life to work it and to heal them.To be able to liberate ourself...But this we can only achieve by self knowledge and self investigation and also self dicipline,because then we know that everything that happens has a deeper meaning in our life.In this way you build up caracter and we are able to learn to deal with joy and grief more equal minded.

The key to the tresure of abundance is hidden in our secet heart and the password is unconditional love.

The holy tresure room

The truth will be revealed to the true seeker, because there is only one truth that is love a word that is so often misunderstood.Because this truth will be only understood by the heart.That is the only tresure room where we have to turn the key in the propper direction to discover the tresure and take it .If you turn the key to the world you are caught by its illusion,if you turn it inward then the door to the secet tresure room will go open..

End of the power battle

We are all co -creators from the Divine and came to this earth to create heaven ,and towards the goal to get more insight in yourself and the universal and spiritual laws.But we can only develop this if we bring the head and the heart,and the thoughts, words and deeds on one line.It is in the simplicity that the truth is hidden.And  by balance male and female energy in man aswell as woman. Battle will end between the seksen,and we will be able to rise above the dualistic thinking.And above body consciousness and will be able to embrace our greatness again and so become a pure Divine breed again,free from disease and unbalance in peace and united with all and everyone.Let this be our mutual  strive....

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