Munay Ki the 9 initiations at Solare

It is a time of great transformation, a time that the wisdom keepers of the earth like the Hopi the Maya, and the Laica predicted long time ago.

Now is the time to become who we were ment to be, a time to transform old karma and heal old wounds that even go back to the generation of our ancestors. A rewiring from our energetic matrix and DNA to transform from Homo Sapiens (human) to Homo Luminus Enlighten Beings.

This is a 9 step initiation proces :
You learn again to Co-create with great beings of light, Angels and other beings out of the other dimensions, who offer there wisdom and help you with your healingprocesses.

What has Munay-Ki has to offer you:

  • You will learn to open your own secret space
  • You learn to work with the 4 elements of nature
  • You will learn how to nurture the new seeds that has being placed in your energy field, and you will learn how to make them grow not by giving them water but by feeding them with the element fire.
  • You will make your own sandpainting
  • You learn about your energy field and the archytypes that going to be placed in it
  • I will offer you my experience about what you can do to bring your vibration to a higher level this and more.....

These 9 initiations awaken your Sjamanic abilities to

If you want to follow the path of Munay ki and you speak English, no problem I give the information also in the English Language. Please contact me if you have any more questions.

What are the cost and what is included

For the 9 initiations is 300 euro

it is being given in 3 sessions

You dont have to follow this all 3 at once follow your inner guidance for this.

Syllabus and drinks during the sessions are included

Pi stone and DVD are for sale ask Marina