My meetings with the divine in the form and the subtle written on 25.7.2023

My true experience with Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Madusudan Sai....the divine in a form and the formless.

With deep respect and gratitude i want to share this amazing experiences in India it happens daily but in the West people are not used to this !

For most people who don know this our did not had this kind of experience it may seem a story made up by the fantasy of the imagination but, i tell you this is not and every word written on this Blog page is true. It all started in this life when i was doing some inner healing work and go to Dominique while i was laying down on the healing table,and was alone in the room i saw a small photo standing there! When i look at that photo from a man in a orange robe and a enormous hair volume i start to cry, i did not understand my reaction at that time. 

So when Dominique came in the room i ask here who is this man? She say this is Sai Baba i met him in India he is the embodiment of the divine in a form and came to this earth to restore Dharma. She told me she was singing Bhajans devotional songs weekly in a Sai centre in Antwerp.And ask me if i would like to come and experience this,so the week after i was present in the centre and i keep on going weekly for 24 year.These Bhajan where made by Sai Baba to help us to keep on focusing on the divine our inner divinity and raise our awareness. This power i felt after singing for a hour every week was amazing,and had a great healing effect.To make a long story short i decide to meet him in India in 2004 Preparation was going on to travel to India and very strange it was like he knew i was coming,so when i went of the plane in Bangalore India it was like coming home. 

We sleep there in a hotel, because we landed in the night and had the day after a taxi drive from 150 km on the old Indian highway i can tell you this was a real adventure.In this blog i aim not want to go to much in detail to make it to long,but arriving and driving in the gate of the Sathya Sai Baba  Ashram by the name Prashanti Nilayam what means the abode of highest peace at Puttaparthi it was like i was coming under a protective atmosphere.Then when we where installed in our room there we had our first evening Darshan ( divine blessing) he came in the  Sai Kulwant hall and the people where full of joy it was an intense experience! And the impact it had on my life's journey that became clear to me years later.I was there around Christmas and New year that i was present and before the Christmas Darshan and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ,and we had to line up and we had to take a number out of a bag and yes ! i was lucky i had line 1 that mean you sit very close to see Baba. You have to imagine there where 25.000 people present from all origins and religious background all united that alone was already a very special thing.It was the most amazing experience that i had celebrating Christmas as being born as a Christian in a Christian family. 

Then the day before we left i was lucky again because i had the chance to meet him in the small Mandir( temple) behind where the students from the university where practising there daily Bhajans sessions together with Baba.So i was sitting waiting with about 25 a 30 people and he came in.What i notice was that he had a blue glow over his face and how tiny he was i knew i must have met him when he was on earth as Krishna in a previous incarnation. And there was a subtle fragrant from Jasmine i smell also and that became later on very important for me if you read further you will come to know why?So after this intense without words interaction with Baba i left the other day.When we drive out of the gate with the taxi i was thinking would he know that i aim going? And while thinking that he answer me already telepathically and i got tears in my eyes feeling so deeply grateful and blessed for all this amazing experience i went back to Belgium! 

Not knowing that this was the start from an transformation process that awaits me to raise my awareness and my own divine nature;But this would be to long to write this down in this blog,later when my book gets finish there will be a more detailed explanation about it ! Now i want to explane what happens when i met Baba again in 2016 in his subtle form when one of his Alumni Madusudan Naidu came as a representative of  Sai Baba to  the Sai Anandam centre in the Netherlands.That was around Easter period to be exact 5.4.2016. And people who know something about numerology will see that this date is very special because when you put 5+4=9 and 2+6+1 = 9 and 9+9+18 that is again 9 and this is a divine number! So in that week before my special experience i  intuitively felt that there going to happen something very special. and in the middle of the week i feel like thousands of ants sitting on my head and i feel my crown chakra was opening.And what happens then is very difficult to put into words it was like i got a view from the whole universe a feeling of oneness with all that is and that experience came again when i met Sai Baba in the subtle form later in that week.

So i went already good on time to Ooirschot  in the Netherlands that day where Sai Baba was going to come there was a exited feeling in me and when the start chanting the Veda and he arrived i got goose bumps over my whole body so Madusudhan at that time not self realised yet enter the place together with Isaac Tigrett and  Narasima Murthi and some students from India. And again i was lucky because he was going to sit there 3 raw next to me in the pathway and at that moment when he sit there i was asking intuitively please Baba no fake thing here i want to know if you are really here? At that moment while i was asking this i got overwhelmed by the Jasmine fragrance. That was for me the confirmation that he was really there in the subtle form even the people sitting next to me smell it ! You want to know why i aim so sure? Well 3 times i had this intense fragrance of Jasmine in my life the first time when i met Baba in 2004 the second time when i was with Sai centre from Antwerp on a Sai weekend in Limburg Belgium while i was walking in a forest where there were no flowers growing !And the 3th time when i was giving a lift to the hospital in Bonheiden Mechelen Belgium to a lady who came to sing weekly bhajan with me in Antwerp who her uncle was there on intensive care( who by the way fully recover? And we where talking in the garden from the hospital i smell again this overwhelming Jasmine fragrance not knowing then the purpose behind it but know i now why!

That was all orchestrated in the divine plan so the program start and the volunteers did an amazing job making this place who was a barn before like a little Mandir. But my divine interaction was not finish Baba came there to bless the library from the centre because there where books there from all over the world.And after all the program was coming to an end Madusudan go to the other room to thank all the people who work so hard to make this day possible.And while he was in the other room i was keep on asking telepathically Baba please can you give me something to hold on to with my spiritual work with Solaré  and i keep on asking and all of a Sutton i had again telepathically contact with the divine. And after a while he came out Madusudan was going on the pathway to go out and and when he came next to me i ask it again but this time out laud ! And all of a Sutton he gave me a ring a Navaratri ring that seems to come from a more subtle dimension.I put it direct on the middle finger of my right hand witch has again a deep spiritual meaning why i put it there. How amazing all of this was and out of this world from that day on this ring who has a very profound meaning in India because of the 9 nights of Navaratri and the celebration of the 9 forms of Goddess Durga.

 This ring as you can see in the photo gallery on this website contains 9 stones relating to the 9 diff rant colors of how The Goddess Durga is appearing and the 9 planets Wauw !! it is to become silent but there is more to come i meet Madusudan again in Paris where again we being blessed with a small group of 9 people who cam with us to have an interaction with him and where he blessed the whole group and bless my partner Soni with some materialised vibuthi on his 3th eye and joked with us if we where had punishment after waiting in another room while he had an interview with the group from the Netherlands. In 2019 i go to India again but this time to the Muddenahalli  Ashram where Madusudan live at that moment not self realised yet but again i had a beautiful experience with Baba there true him.Because i had some letters with me from people to give to Baba so during Darshan at the beautiful Premamrutram Hall i was waiting till he arrived on the opposite site before me. And stand with his back towards me while i was asking please Baba accept this letters this people need your help!

 And all of a sutton he turn and come straight to me accepting this letters. I was full of joy to be able to do that.But that was not all because it was the day after on Valentine 14.2.2019 that i receive not a flower from my partner,but a rose from the divine who gave it in my hands.The most amazing Valentine from my life! And because my partner Soni was watching the live broadcast from home in Belgium,he was so touch from seeing me there that the same year we went back in November 2019 the same year just before Sai Baba his birthday was going to celebrated there and Madusudan served Soni with Prasaad blessed him a big smile and ask him where is your wife? And Soni answer she is here in the hal Sir! Also that will come in my book because there whas a reason why Baba sayd his wife to Soni! So we went back home to Belgium and after 5 years we meet Sai again during "An evening Divine" in London and this time Madusudan was self realised already and became Sri Madusudan Sai on or way to the hotel where he was coming and where it was beautifully organised by devotees from U.K when we drive over there we this over 25 km 3 hours so much traffic there was in London.

We had a real good place to sit near the stage and  while he was walking down the pathway to the front he talk with people give advice,accepting letters and so on.And he came next to me and i was holding a book up with on top of that my adress card from Solaré and a pen and yes he sign it he bless my healing work and his handwriting was exactly the same as the one from Sai Baba as i have in a book from long time ago amazing..And Soni who knew how important this was for me put so enthusiastic his arm around Sri Madusudan  Sai his shoulder.And someone from the organisation told Soni dont touch he say ok! But Soni did not give in and ask Swami for a selfie with him and me together. I don't know how to feel because there where two photographers present just in front of us so there was no need for this selfie! As this events are always live recorded i saw afterwords the video and was a bit embarrassed this was not the intention to be disrespectful but deep in his soul Soni did this out of love for me because he knew what it mean for me! Not to show of with a photo ohh no but a blessing for the hard work that i had done to come so far as i aim today. Because this was a preparation from many lifetimes for me that is why i have written this and put it on my website to read,so people can have a bit of an idea what a real spiritual life and growth is about!

This article is written today on the 25.7.2023 and again in numerology a very important date because 5+2=7  and the 7th month and 2023 2+2+3 = 7 so this is 3 times 7  this i was noticing while i was writing this blog so what more do we need to proof that divine synchronicity and interaction really exist in our life! Enjoy reading this true story of Marina De Koning. There is no permission to copy part of the whole text without permission of the Auteur thank you Sai Ram

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