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Special experiances and meetings....

I meet Sathya Sai Baba in 2004 In India in his physical form and i meet him again in 5.4.2016 around Easter in his subtle body this was in Holland Baba use an Alumni Madusudan Naidu to talk for him he could see and hear Baba .This experiance i will never forget this week at Easter time i receive from the divine a golden Navaratri ring with 9 stones representing the 9 planets and Goddess and the colors of the 7 chakra in the Vedic Astrology none as very special and if you count the date in nummeroligy you will come to the number 9 all is in divine timing in this universe.

Sai Baba explain that the reason why he was here that was not only to restore Dharma but to "light the lamp of truth in our heart so it can shine more radiant" and to discover that we are all divine to we have to become aware of it again Embodiments of love or( Prema Swarupa he calls us )

Let us wake up and act again out of our" I Aim Presence "and reveal the Golden age that is already here come let's wake up and shine......

Even if we become more and more aware that we are not the body but so much more,still a visual image of a holy being or Avatar is very powerfull. Because we need a form to come to the formless If we are able to experiance the Divine formless awareness then we can come to a more Universal understanding and oneness. And we will have much more tolerance and respect towards other people convictions and believe systhems.


 (company Eco Hindu who are specialised in ritual objects made by ecological clay) so it dont give any pollution to the water at all we have to respect nature even when doing rituals....

I meet also Ronna Herman when she came to Belgium in 2004 to a bookstore in Antwerp to introduce here book "On the wings of light.Untill now she is giving lectures,seminars and write about how to become a master of your own life and more....

A comical note here on the photo i aim the lady dressed in light blue colors and on my blouse was standing" Girl Power." And the 2 other lady's the one in red colors was my friend Riet she is a Belgian actrice now living in India en the other lady is Angelique a real angel here is the photo taken that day to allways remember thank you Ronna.

In 2013 i was living in Bruge and i was doin some healing work in an area that needed much light at that time.

One day a woman steps in the shop and we start talking it was a very special conversation at a certain moment she say to me you call me poiting at my solar plexus !

It was like she came straight out Archangel Michael's legion off light she told me she was a security agent. After a long conversation she say to me i come back she came once more and she gave me this statue as a gift she told me this is for your protection and your work with Solaré.

It was like she came out of another world i never saw here again anymore, that was a very mystical experiance i will never forget.... (click for more info)


Special Darshan's in India in 2019


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