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Delicious Butternut pumpkin soup with soja bread


My meetings with the divine in the form and the subtle written on 25.7.2023


Spinach,carrot and nut mix cake from almond flour


Savory vegetable pies with zucchini and carrots


Rice noodles with Paksoi and Tofu and mild curry coconut sauce


Bio Zucchini rolls with Greek Feta cheese


Healthy not expensive and not much work and full of vitemines and minerals

White Asparagus with spicy Polenta(Semonlina corn)


Stuffed kohlrabi with fresh spring vegetables


The growth pains from the awakening process and the rising of frequency


A lot of unsolved grief,anger,fear and frustration is coming up know and causes a dence energy cloud on earth and on us as a collective.This all comes because the energy vibration is going to a higher frequency that is being accelerate now on earth and increase.

Potatato cake with Chesnut mushrooms and chives


My Lecture in Knokke Heist Belgium on 24.3.2022


Filled potato in peal with fresh Bio Spinach and Feta cheese


Valentine take time with your loved one to enjoy the abundance of mother earth
As decoration fresh raspt Bio beetroot heart and fresh celeriac Angel wings

Quiche with Artishoke and Peacan nuts


Healthy vegetarian warm snacks together with Avocado soup
Nice for the Christmas holliday's


Penne made from red LentIl


Vegetarian Autumn stew


Dessert with dried fruite,oats,seeds and nuts


without sugar or eggs
Very healthy and full of vitamines and minerals !

Cottage cheese (Paneer )with peas Basmati rice and Okra ( lady fingers)


Take a pan and put your butter inside with the fresh garlic

cut the paneer in small pieces and bake it with a little crust and put some salt and black pepper on it

Take a pot and put some veggy boullion in it and your garlic and ginger and the peas and cut

the fresh tomato in small...

Delicious mini Pizza with Eggplant


Did you know that Eggplant in Sanskrit Vatinganah " that means a vegetable that heals intestinal tract"
The color of the eggplant activate the crownchakra with his deep purple color and contains ingridients for the protection of the braincells
The eggplant contain a lot of fibers and minerals...

How to raise our energy vibration


The earth is transforming to a higher dimension and we as human can help her with it if you want to know how keep reading.... What is the deeper meaning behind all this? And why is selfinvestigation and self knowledge so important to discover the deeper truth behind all of this to come to...

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