The growth pains from the awakening process and the rising of frequency

In this blog I would like to talk about the growth pains in the process of awakening...

A lot of unsolved grief,anger,fear and frustration is coming up know and causes a dence energy cloud on earth and on us as a collective.This all comes because the energy vibration is going to a higher frequency that is being accelerated now on earth.
This has as a result that we are being confronted in daily life with situations to help us to transform this lower energy and balancing it.And to develop insights why we are placed in this situations in our lifes because all is energy and like attracts like.Because most of the time when we are angry in a situation,it has often nothing to do with what is going on at that moment.

But something has triggerd you that was hidden very deep inside and comes to the surface!This is a chance for soul growth to rise above this and connect with our divine source and secret heart..This result in a deeper feeling of well being that has his effect also on your surrounding and the world at large that is real spiritual growth.
What is very important when a negative emotion occurs is to ask yourself why I getting angry? And go inward to investigate this feeling can come from feeling powerless of situations in the world or,low selfesteem or out of your childhood because you are afraid of being rejected not loved and judged by others.

Women more easy show there emotions then man!Because often as a child men has being told as there where kids and the hurt themselfs”ohh you are such a big boy and boys dont cry” like boys has no emotions just girls there start already the unbalance between male and female energy and that is so important in our spiritual growth to balance these.It is much more importand to let your emotion out then to suppress it because this is not healthy.But inportant is to observe yourself to see from where the cause is coming,and then accept and embrace it fully to give it the chance to heal.Dont listen to your mind because that only looking for identifications.
Ofcourse we have to do this without hurting anyone else,because words can cut like a nife and cause deep wounds in the heart of others.Try to turn the roles and imagine that you are the other person .

An example by negative emotions or situations:

Drink a glass of water, go and take a walk do some sport, sing and learn to know yourself investigate then you know if it comes from you or not and you will be able to stay calm! Then take a deep breath and let go..see also the other point of view that the other person needs much love.

What exactly is happening during this transformationprocess? Wel a higher truth arise in your awareness you feel yourself unconfortable,and what follows is that there are feelings of guilt and shame arise to the surface that needed to be cured and let go of. Because you first have to be aware of what you have to change before you can transform it.This is not a punishment but it happens as a concequence of that what's needed to be transformed.

Be not to hard for yourself in this process please!! Because before you know it you are in a negative spiral and environment looking for support in anti -depressive medicine alchol our drugs.
It is a pitty that a lot of young people who has lack on good communication and structure and profound spiritual feedback look for this kind of solutions like huge alcohol abuse and more....Now the past two years we are obligated to go more inward for anwsers,but this still is and be difficult for meny.

Instead the get rebellian and agressive towards parents with as a result that the are giving in to temper the situation.But because of that there is no respect and gratitude anymore and children find it normal to get anything just like that .That is why this deep transforming times are needed to make space for a life on earth lived from a higher awareness.We all get the uniek chance to come to divine awakening and to live this in our day to day life.You have to sit on a montain to do meditate no!

But it is very important to spend time in silence because we can get the most answers.And people say ohhh we are free again we can go to nightclubs and festivals but sorry this is not the freedom I talk about here! This is running away and hide the pain caused from not able to experience your true self...There is a battle going on in the world and inside that we have to win to become a master of our own life.

The time to play with the wolf is past!We have to make a clear choice,the vail has never being so thin as now and there is so much help from the subtle dimensions we just have to ask.The are looking at us now with unconditional love and compassion,and waithing for us to do the same...We have being tested a lot lately in how far we let ourself seduced by the dark force and give them the chance to dimish our light!As a consequence we see the result of this right know on earth and you look and do nothing and let it happen and let them take your power and control over your life …..

The more we connect with our higher self the more gratitude,and compassion and love we can radiate in this and other worlds.Because connected we have the power and courage,and we can deal with everything.We can all give our best now to transform ourself and all will benefit from it.

Marina De Koning Solaré copyright.

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