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  • Spiritual life coach Intuitive consult and advice with powerful healing essence
  • Workshops to develop spiritual growth and life wisdom and self knowledge.
  • Sound therapy
  • Energetic treatments and healing  
  • massage with healing oils and oils of nature and basic Shiatsu Massage
  • I.E.T Healing Integrated energy Therapy
  • Initiations in the 9 rites off the Munay-Ki 
  • Advice of food suppl and minerals 


We all get confronted worldwide with the power of this element,,,

We can order so many things online but not a new world !

You know there is a lot of water on this planet, but most of it is contaminated and energetically dead

Our body is a huge water bubble how gets it polluted? At Solaré on 25-4-2023 you will find out only in Belgium !

Water has a memory and you can charge it energetically,and the structure changes even when you talk positive our negative to it,

So let us  every day use this liquid gold from mother earth very conscious and with great responsibility and respect,

In this short video you can enjoy the peaceful energy of this female water source situated on a Ley line in Somerset UK by the name Chalice well, 

This healing source flows unconditional and with female softness and power out of the womb of mother earth,who is also a living creature with energy lines and chakras just like us,

We all can contribute in a huge way to keep the water pure on this planet,by using environmentally friendly products and food without pesticides and in many other way's think about this!

Honor the water,honor your divine self,honor the earth !


Hello my name is Marina welcome on my website

During the years of inner quest and deep transformation i did many discovery's and came in one line with my higher self.To write this down is easy but it takes courage self-confidence and determination to dare to express your true unique nature.

Now i share all of this in my work with Solaré i want to bring insights to be able to transform situations .

And that the time is now to come fully to divine awareness and express it in daily life.

This source is pure and to embody this we have to become the same .

In 2004 i meet a great Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba he is guiding us to become aware that we are divine to and to embody this in daily life.

Let us again learn the spiritual laws of nature and the ancient teachings from the Vedas to safeguard the future of the next generation.

Just like a snake loose her old skin,so also we have to get rid of all false identifications,convictions and dogma.'s

that keeps us away from the eternal truth of who we are...divine  embodiment of love...

Experience skills

Holistic and spiritual consult and advice with Australian Bush flowers and other remedies

And experience in cuttings and advice to remove energy blocks

to write

Giving lectures

workshops with different subjects

year course the rainbow path to the heart

Organising spiritual journey ( see photo gallery)

healing Massage (look page energetic work)

The 9 rites of the Munay - Ki in group

guided meditations

Mantra evenings and in group Bhajan singing for 24 years

May all beings be in balance,in peace and happy



Energetic work

When i was a child I search for an anwser about "why thus one has to suffer"? and during my life I got a deeper understanding of it all true the law off karma,and the Spiritual laws and the profound education from Sri Sathya Sai Baba because love is truth !

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Waking up

Awakening out of the illusion is the true gift you can give yourself,healing energetically is very important,to discover your true power. You are a uniek being there is place for only one and that is the place of your own higer self the "I Aim presence".



S: Samen (together)
O: Onvoorwaardelijk (Unconditional)
L: Liefhebben (Love)
A: Acceptatie (Acceptance)
R: Realisatie (Realization)
E: Eenheid (Unity)

Energetic evenings with personal messages in Wenduine

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