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 Please, out of respect for nature,
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  • Consult and advise 
  • Workshops to develop spiritual growth and life wisdom and self knowledge.
  • Sound therapy
  • Energetic treatments intuitive massage with healing oils and oils of nature
  • I.E.T Healing Integrated energy Therapy  advanced level And Universal Energy Healer.level 4
  • Initiations in the 9 rites off the Munay-Ki 

Earth is a living entity: humanity and nature should be connected closely.human health is an illusion if earth itself is sick.

We can for sure make a difference if we learn to understand and practice the laws of nature. Everything on this wonderful planet (humans, animals, plants, water, nature, even the esoteric) is connected and through this connection we can achieve more than we expect.

Being born as a human being is a gift. Let’s cherish this gift: think good, act good, eat good and healthy.

Respect other people in a loving way, despite his or her appearance. To badger an individual only takes a few seconds, but to bring out the best in someone takes a lot more.

We are diamonds but we have dust and dirt sticking on us from all our previous life's in duality and the lower dimensions, and we have to remove this from our self so our true Divine nature comes back to the surface and can become one with the source.

Energetic work

When i was a child I was surching the anwser about "why thus one has to suffer"? and during my life I got a deeper understanding off it all true the law off karma,and the Spiritual laws and the profound teaching off Sri Sathya Sai Baba because truth is love.

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Waking up

Awakening out of the illusion is the most prescius gift you can give yourself,healing energetically is very important,to discover your true power. You are a uniek being there is place for only one and that is the place of your own higer self the "I Aim presence".



S: Samen (together)
O: Onvoorwaardelijk (Unconditional)
L: Liefhebben (Love)
A: Acceptatie (Acceptance)
R: Realisatie (Realization)
E: Eenheid (Unity)

Energetic evenings with personal messages in Wenduine

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