Tuning forks work on all levels simultaneously

Sound fork therapy (Phonophoresis) is a delicate and gentle method to restore energetic balance in many areas of the body. The harmonic vibrations (sound frequencies) are transmitted; each tuning fork has a unique frequency, and they work on all levels simultaneously: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Where balance is disturbed in the physical and energetic system, the vibration of the tuning fork will allow the imbalanced parts to resonate and restore balance. The frequencies work through the bones, muscles, organs, and fluid channels in the body (from which humans are 70% made up of) and the energy systems (chakras, meridians, or nadis). These parts in the body naturally recognise the vibrations and will want to resonate along.

Prices for treatments range from 50 to 75 euros. 

  • Energetic treatment with healing energy (basic 1 hour) for deep rest and relaxation: €50. 
  • Consultations supplemented with essences and advice: €60.

Contact us quickly. You can pay via account number BE18 7330 7686 2065 (BIC: KREDBEBB).
Make an appointment via the contact page on the website or via the mobile number 0468/14.15.17. 
If you have one or more questions about sound healing by Solaré in Wenduine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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