Just as we have laws here on earth to ensure that everything runs in good order, so too there are Universal laws that ensure that also Universally everything runs according to Divine order, Becoming master of this knowledge requires each one to take responsibility for his or her actions....

Published in April 2017 and written by Marina De Koning. Nothing from this text may be used without permission from the Author.

You will see that certain phrases keep recurring in the article this is done on purpose!


Just as we have laws here on earth to ensure that everything runs in good order, so too there are Universal laws that ensure that also Universally everything runs according to Divine order. Becoming master of this knowledge requires each one to take responsibility for his or her actions and their consequences. Something most people are unwilling to do. There is an interconnectedness between the world and the universe. And everything we do individually and collectively affects it and contributes to its preservation or destruction.

It is written in the Vedic scriptures (Vedic means taught from God to the Rishis) and these are as relevant today as ever, and current and applicable to anyone in search of his or her true self. Mind you, these Universal laws never judge but bring to the sender what it has sent out.


Desire, greed, jealousy, envy, hatred, anger, resentment and so on.... You would do well to transform this lower energy into compassion and unconditional love.

How do you transform lower energy to higher? It is to restore the balance between the two in all our layers and the lower chakras. It is naive to believe that there can be day without night! And with a half-truth, we will not make heaven on earth visible here on earth. It is important to transform the lower nature, not by pushing it away because then it will only grow stronger. It is important that we make this higher truth our own. The pain we experience as souls (purification) is precisely becoming aware of this higher truth. To reverse this process, we must take responsibility and dare to go through our fear and learn to walk the middle path. When we accept pleasure and sorrow, and we can let go of desires, we experience a shift in consciousness that leads to us being able to experience true lasting joy. Imagine yourself walking on a thin tightrope. Suddenly a black bird comes and sits on your arm. You try to grab the black bird, but then you threaten to fall off the tightrope. You just go on, and suddenly a white bird comes and sits on your other arm. Then too, you will fall if you try to grab it. So, what do you do? You stay in the middle of the tightrope. This exercise helps you learn to accept both the pleasant and sad events in life with more equanimity.


There are 3 great universal forces at work on earth:


What is born once will also die again and merge into the all, so we as humans create our lives through the energy we send out. Until we are aware that we are not the body. When the identification with the body falls away, we are no longer bound by these 3 laws.

Here's an example of how this law works out: Hinduism knows Brahma (the creator),Vishnu (the sustainer) and Shiva the ( destroyer) These are 3 aspects of creation that everyone has to deal with in his or her life. It is important to learn to deal with these aspects in a more conscious way. Choose thoughts that send out hope, love, and light. Feed the positive or light so that it can grow in and around you. If your son or daughter hurts another child, you can choose not to punish the child, but make it aware that sooner or later this will come back to him or her. In my opinion, this has a greater effect.


As soon as we have planted a new seed -whether in the earth or in our minds- it needs to be nurtured with positive energy or light. If it is a flower bulb, then sunlight and water will be important. You can easily extend this law of nature to your thoughts. Thus, you need to be aware of your thoughts, knowing that you bear full responsibility for maintaining positive or negative thoughts. Note this universal law does not judge positive or negative, but simply ensures that you get what you ask for. Being aware of this law will give you a better understanding of "why" you are in a negative state. It is essential to transform these destructive actions and thoughts.


If you keep feeding negative thoughts, you yourself are the destroyer of your own life. But. there is also such a thing as a "universal law of extremes”, and this is what this contribution deals with. This means that it is up to you to (learn to) walk the middle way. After all, there are always enemies lurking, in and around you.


A nice hot bath with a handful of sea salt always works, dip your head under water too. You can also use a spray to purify your aura, and you will get other methods and tips for your energetic health during your visit to Solaré. Remember: closing your eyes to things that annoy you solves nothing, including everything that happens in the world. With "oh, it doesn't exist, life is just light and love", won't get you anywhere. Remember that love is also truth. Even the greatest yogi knows that after every action there is a reaction, and that every action has a consequence. For example, if you killed someone in a past life, do you really think there are no consequences to this life? We all meet people in this life whom we know from past lives, and with whom there was an imbalance that needs to be balanced in this life, in order to collectively evolve to a higher consciousness and contribute positively to this as well.


  • Observe yourself
  • Do not feed negative thoughts
  • Do not use drugs
  • Listen to beautiful music
  • Find pleasant company
  • Know that by raising the vibration of the earth, you and I also become more sensitive.

If you spend a lot of time in places where there is a lot of drinking and drugs, you will go home with a pack that does not belong to you, you become energetically polluted, so to speak. This in turn is stressful for your environment and for yourself.


Of course, we should always choose for the light, for the good, the pure, because we all originate from that Divine source. And if we want to re-experience that completeness we essentially are, we must become like God. In fact, we are never separate from it. It is also important to accept yourself as you are, even that piece you are averse to. Because if something irritates you, it means it is still present in you, otherwise it wouldn't bother you. There is no need to judge yourself, because that is wasted time and energy.


When your thoughts, words and actions are not in sync, you get out of balance. Just think what happens when you have a certain resolution that you cannot fulfil afterwards. Indeed, then you get frustrated and feel guilty. So it is with the give and take in life.  If you are constantly tired and easily irritated, you need to realise that you have overstepped your own boundaries and have not learned enough to say 'no'.


By transforming the lower energy in yourself, new doors will naturally open for you. Because of the shift in consciousness you undergo, you feel that you move to another energy level. You attract other people and situations.

 By loving yourself unconditionally, this has a positive effect on the people around you, and takes them to a higher level, so you also make a positive contribution on a collective level. In this way we grow together, many pleasant and unexpected events await you as a natural consequence. If you want to keep this flow going, then gratitude for everything you receive is of prime importance. 

1 Bringing your words and actions into alignment brings more peace. The head, heart, and hands should be in alignment. These are the words of a great spiritual teacher and Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

2 Develop compassion, mercy and forgiveness. This has helped me on several occasions to bring more balance to myself and those around me. It is a kind of role-play of " if I were that other person now how would I want to be treated" This teaches us to respect other views.

3 If you never dare to say 'no', you create a negative energy in your relationships. By balancing 'yes' and 'no', you also give others a chance to discover the joy of giving. This way, you learn to receive without feeling guilty about it.

4 Good communication is indispensable. Dare to say what you feel and listen to your body's signals. This is how you learn to recognise and maintain your limits. The art of learning to listen enables you to learn to better recognise the needs of others. It does not have to come to emotional or aggressive outbursts.

5 Recognise your fears too; you can't transform them if you don't dare to acknowledge them. Do this without judgement. Be loving and not too hard on yourself or the other person. 

Marina De Koning Copyright

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