For 2 persons

  • ready cut slizes vegan pizza dough
  • 1 piece of garlic or (Asafoutida replacement for garlic)
  • Italian mix from Natural temptation(Holland&Barrett)
  • 1 Eggplant
  • 2 small red onion
  • a hanfull pine tree nuts
  • Black pepper ,curcuma,seasalt
  • Bio Swiss Emmental cheese or IIalian Parmegiano Regiano
  • Fresh Koriander and Basil leave
  • For decoration Some Eastindian Cherry leaves and flowers


Put the ready made slizes Pizza dough on bakingpaper on your ovenplate Put your Bio tomato passata on the bottom not to much Put the Eggplant in slizes on top and your red onion And a handfull of your pine tree nuts And put your herbals and spices And at the top your cheese Prepare you oven on 200 degrees and put your pizza's on de middle grill for 20 min max And finish with fresh Koriander and Basil leave gives an extra taste on it! As decoration use EastIndian cherry leaves and flowers to have a spicy tuch and a nice cold salad. Enjoy !!

Extra information:

Egg plants contain a lot of minerals vit,and phytonutrients Veggy Pizza with Eggplant Did you know that Eggplant in Sanskrit Vatinganah " that means a vegetable that heals intestinal tract" The color of the eggplant activate the crownchakra with his deep purple color and contains ingridients for the protection of the braincells The eggplant contain a lot of fibers and minerals like Mangane,pottasium,Magnesium and vit K and Nasunine that is a strong working anti-oxidant who protect the cell membrame from the brain cells t contains 13 polyphenole one of them is Chlorogenic who has strong anti-viral and antibiotic effects and is food thats protect against cancer And the onion( Allum sepa) also the red onion has huge antisceptic ingriedients and contains Fosfor, Potassium,Calcium and iron is good for the bones and muscles It makes also your breathing more free when you have a cold and a tip (when your nose is closed with a cold put an onion in pieces on your night cab it detoxes the room and in the morning you open the window and the smell is gone) Why i use red onion it contains the mineral copper and your body absorb iron better in combination with B12 because i aim vegetarian for meny years and this gives my body extra support..

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