The filling is for one Kohlrabi (choose 2 big Bio ones)

2 big Kohlrabi

1 young carott

1 onion

1 piece of garlic or Asafoutida Ayurvedic replacement

1 leek only the white part

2 big chestnut mushrooms

the filling from your kohlrabi

good butter

black pepper salt and nutmeg

parsley and chives


take one soucepan put some good butter and stove( without cover) stove your filling from Kohlrabi ,onion,garlic,carott,leek,and put at the last moment the chestnut mushrooms

put your spices and at the last moment a bit of Soja cream not manipulated if posible mostly Bio is pure

take one jar with water and pepper and salt

take your kohlrabi peel it make it hollow but leave a good edge so it will not fall apart during coocking

put it in the boiling water also the top part that we use as a cover (see photo)

when ready put it on a plate and fill it up

finish with Parsley and chives cut very thin.

you can serve it with a potato with the skin with some garlic butter


Extra information:

As part of a healthy diet, kohlrabi can help improve overall metabolism and aid with weight loss.

Because kohlrabi is high in calcium and magnesium, it contributes to stronger bones. In addition to other calcium-rich food sources and weight-bearing exercise, kohlrabi can be part of strengthening bone density.

The potassium and dietary fiber in baby carrots can help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reducing your risk for heart disease.

The carotenoids in baby carrots work as antioxidants, potentially reducing your risk of prostate cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, and other types of cancer.

The cream white color from the kohlrabi 7th chakra and the soft green 4th chakra are connecting head and heart

Th orange color from the carott resonate with the 2 the chakra the seat of creative expression and the water management kidneys and bladder stands for letting go of the old.


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